THE SHOOTER® 12” Model

With hand truck portability and many more new features.

THE SHOOTER® 12” Model features an integrated, rugged hand truck making it more mobile and the perfect tool for municipal CIPP work. With tight easements, backyards, and off-pavement situations common in accessing aging infrastructure, THE SHOOTER® is the perfect solution.

THE SHOOTER® now has an onboard lubrication system, greatly increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for a person dedicated to oiling the liner. THE SHOOTER’s® knife gate closes after the liner tail passes, effectively eliminating air loss out the top for an efficient second half of the install. After the install, a separate steam cap is used allowing THE SHOOTER® to invert another liner while the first one is being cured. An optional water cure flange is also available for situations requiring water instead of air/steam.

Optimizing the 12” model’s usability was a priority in the design — a conveniently located screened storage bin provides easy access to wrenches, vice grips and other tools common to CIPP jobsites.


The SHOOTER Gallery


  • One machine for 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” pipe
  • Patented LIPs seals are adjustable and durable
  • Built-in lubrication system
  • Knife gate prevents air loss after the tail passes
  • Separate steam cap increases the number of installs per day
  • Cure with steam, hot water, or LED UV
  • Two operating positions: over the manhole or next to it
  • Built-in and screened tool storage bin
  • Body and hand truck easily separate for transportation
  • Flat -free tires
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Proudly made in Redmond, Oregon USA


  • Cost effective and long lasting trenchless repair
  • Fast inversion and cure times
  • Ability to do multiple runs per day
  • Uses less oil and coats liners more evenly
  • Mobility increases jobsite efficiency
  • Durability provides years of service
  • Simple and efficient to use
  • Easily transported in pickup beds and trailers

THE SHOOTER® Accessories

THE SHOOTER® 12” Package:

  • THE SHOOTER® 12 with knife gate and lubricating hand truck
  • Full set of hook up nozzles for 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” pipe
  • Steam Cap
  • One each 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” LIPs seals

New 15” Conversion Funnel Kit

  • Bolts onto Shooter Body
  • Easily Shoots 15" Liner
  • Comes with 15" Hookup and 15"-12 LIPs



Additional Accessories

  • Gaskets and Clamps
  • LIPs seals 4”-15”
  • Hook up Nozzles 4”-15”
  • Water Cure Flange
  • LED UV Wye Adapter
  • Full Steam Packages